Below you will find the applicable financials to meet me. It is divided into two sections – when on tour and via FMTY arrangements. Please note that I have included the fee structure in USD currency for ease, but you may pay in any currency your choose, as long as it is to the same value. To meet during a tour in France, a deposit of 30% is required to confirm plans. With FMTY dates, the full amount must be pre paid, as well as additional expenses like return airfares.

Thank you for your understanding and co operation.

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Touring Financials


2 hours – $2000 USD

Lunch – Dinner – $3000 USD

Overnight Date – $5000 USD

24 hours – $7000 USD

FMTY Financials


Overnight – $7000 USD

24 hours – $9000 USD

Weekend Away – $15,000 USD

1 week away – $40,000 USD

2 weeks away – $50,000 USD

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Financials Luxury Escorts France

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